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The Webex Application will updated by Cisco over time, as such the application screenshots on the page may not be exactly what you see on your application. Functionality should stay relatively the same.



This section will help you learn the Webex Teams interface and what you can do inside the application.

Start Chat and Create a Space

From the + button near the search bar and above the message center, you can start a new chat with someone, or create a space.

Contact a Person

From here you can type in the name or email address of a person you wish to start a chat with.

Create a Space

From here you can create an empty space (or add people during creation). You can add or remove people from a create space at any time from the activity menu, then clicking the people button. More information in that section below.

Message Center

The message center is a master list of all your currently open chats/spaces. Here you can select a chat with a person or a space and it will take you to it. Single people will just have their name and their profile picture, while spaces will have that space icon and name. If that space is apart of a team, it will have that team name below it in that team color.

Messaging Window

The message window is where you will spend most of your time. This is where you will be sending and receiving messages from person or space, as well as files. All users in the space or chat will be shown at the bottom of the chat window with their icon. The icon will change based on their status.


Faded Icon - This user is not logged into Webex Teams.

Regular Icon - This user is logged into Webex Teams, but does not have the application active.

Green Circle Icon - This user is logged into Webex Teams, and is actively using the application.

Moon Icon - This user is set to Do Not Disturb. They will not receive any notifications about messages but will still get them.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu allows you to switch between your default home view, teams view, past calls, and calendar view. It will also show a green circular arrow when there is an update. Clicking it will bring a window to start the update.

Teams Menu

The Teams Menu allows you to view and all the teams you are apart of as well as see the spaces you can view in them. This is another way to navigate to a specific space in a team or look at the list of spaces you are apart of in a team. This is where you will also go to create a team and manage them.

Calls Menu

The Calls Menu lets you see all your past meetings and calls that you were apart of, and as well as any missed ones. If enabled, you can also directly dial into a meeting or phone number.

Calendar Menu

The Calendar Menu allows you to quickly start a meeting in your own personal room, directly through webex meetings. It will also show you any scheduled webex meetings you are apart of.

Activity Menu

The Activity Menu gives you access to more options for the currently selected space or person. These include: Message, Meeting, Whiteboard, Meetings, People, and Files.


The message button will bring you back to the message portion of the chat.


The meet button will bring you to another menu to start a meeting with the currently selected chat.


The whiteboard button allows you to create and write on different whiteboards as a group.


The meetings button allows you to schedule meetings with that chat. It also will show you scheduled meetings you have with them.


The people button will show you all people apart of the chat. This also allows you to add people to it.


The files button will give you a master list of all the files that have been shared in the chat.


The profile/settings button will give you a new menu where you can change your status to and from Do Not Disturb, change your profile picture, sign out, and change various settings for the application.


The search box will allow you to narrow down the results in the message center, making it easier to find specific chats.


The device button is how you will connect a device to your webex teams application for use such as meeting boards.

Service Desk

The service desk (question) button will open a link to the service desk site.

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