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This Knowledge-Base is still under construction! While you are navigating this knowledge-base, you may notice some information is missing or incomplete. Check back regularly, as we are always adding and developing new content throughout. Thank-you for understanding that we are in the middle of expanding this platform to be a self-service hub for staff and parents to be able to get any information and troubleshooting assistance they need, without needing to contact or work with an Oakland Schools Technician.

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Public Numbers:

Phone:     (248) 209-2071
Toll Free:  (888) 638-8949
Fax:         (248) 209-2130


Parent Specific FAQ

Mentor Teacher

  • Always the best place to start
  • Questions about lessons, assignments, grades, tests, and in-website related questions as well.

Service Desk 248.209.2060

  • Hardware issues
  • Printer issues
  • Log on to Chromebook or Google ID (Chromebook) username or password

Calvert 844.507.5704

  • Calvert Online System (Canvas) Username and password
  • Course Resources links are not working (BrainPop, e-textbook, or Khan Academy)
  • Login URL:
  • Account creation takes 3 days, If they are having issues they need to contact Calvert
  • Parent Login: email from with the subject line: "Calvert Teaching Navigator Login Info". 

Lincoln 1.866.990.6637 (Grades 9-12)

VLAC Office 248.209.2071

  • Course are incorrect
  • Change contact information (Address or email)
  • Program information or event information
  • Enrollment information

Further Troubleshooting

More info to be added.


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