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Free services are free for a reason. If you are using the free version or free application, there is certain data (personal) you are likely giving up. 

Zoom Security Best Practices

Hosting a Zoom event:

  • Never share user meeting links publicly
    • Use only private email system to share
    • Only share directly to the users you want to invite
    • Don’t share links on social media sites
  • Verify Zoom application is at the latest release and patch
    • Malware - looks like Zoom but is a Malware scheme
    • Check your Zoom release (version) before entering a meeting
    • Staying up to date on patches and security vulnerabilities will help secure your Zoom application
    • Don’t use Fake Zoom apps
  • Always use passwords to protect meeting
    • Zoom bombing, which sees uninvited guests crashing your meeting or chat, relies on meetings not being password protected. 
    • Do not enter an open Zoom meeting
  • Never share the meeting ID
    • instead allow Zoom to generate a random ID for each meeting
    • Never share the link or meeting ID on public platforms
    • Do not to use the personal meeting ID
  • Share Zoom password only using secure method
    • Share password only using secure email or like system
    • Do not post the Zoom password in any open forum
    • Do not post passwords in shared public documents
  • Manage participants
    • Host can control who enters the room
    • Host should manage participants
    • Ensure that participants can’t share screens
    • Host should use Zoom waiting room 
  • Do not use public Zoom rooms

Participating in a Zoom event

  • Be aware that you are using an open platform
    • To the best of your ability make sure the “host” has followed the guidelines outlined in the “host guidelines” portion of this document
    • Do not enter any open Zoom Rooms (rooms with no password)
  • Control your privacy
    • Do not share your information in Zoom
    • Make the assumption that what you share in Zoom will NOT stay in Zoom
  • Beware of Phishing
    • Zoom is vulnerable to Phishing attacks
    • You should always be cautious of clicking on any meeting invite links
    • You should always be cautious of links shared inside the meeting
  • Be aware of Zoombombing
    • This is when an outside entity takes control of the Zoom meeting
    • This would be an uninvited guest or participant
    • If you suspect Zoombombing activity leave meeting immediately
  • Personal Settings

    • Re-mute when done speaking
    • Mute Mic unless you are speaking
    • Remember you are on video (you can shut off your camera)

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