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Seesaw is a platform for student engagement that inspires students of all ages to do their best, and saves teachers time!

Students use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record videos and more to capture learning in a portfolio. 

Teachers find or create activities to share with students. 

Families only see their child's work and leave comments and encouragement. 

Logging In

Students and Staff can log into Seesaw with the Google Account. Login page can be found here:

  • Other methods of logging in:
    • Seesaw Home Learning Code (QR code): gives student access to all their Seesaw classes
    • Seesaw Class Code (QR code): gives student access to that specific class
    • Clever Badge (QR code): gives student access to the Clever portal and thus will give them access to the Seesaw app within (only available for districts that have Clever rostering for Seesaw)


Seesaw has their own troubleshooting resources over on their Help Center:

District Specific Information


Technical Information

  • Used for grades K-4
  • App is pre-installed on all district iPads
  • There are multiple ways to login (ask teacher for preferred method for their class)
  • Students are loaded into teachers' classes at the beginning of the school year using Clever 
    • Takes 24-48 hours after students are added to PowerSchool
  • After troubleshooting and collecting needed information (building, name, student/staff, etc) send tickets down to the field to be assigned to the appropriate team member.
    • DO NOT put the ticket in the LMS Queue!

Staff Information

Requests for training or if a teacher cannot see their students, staff can email their Technology Integration Specialist, Priscila Miller at 

Lake Orion

Syncing issues after class transfer

Have them contact the secretary to verify they are assigned to the correct building and have students assigned to them in Powerschool. Once they've corrected this, it takes one to two days to sync up to seesaw properly. 


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