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Privacy Practices to Stay Safe While Remote Working

Under these extraordinary circumstances, we are quickly adapting to remote work. In doing so, we continue to promote best practices to protect sensitive data for our employees and students. All employees should try to emulate the same privacy practices in the workplace while in our remote locations. Head over to Privacy Practices to Stay Safe While Remote Working to view some tips to ensure that sensitive personal or company information stays safe.


If you're looking for information regarding remote access to your district resources including access to VPN, Two Factor Authentication (Such as 'Duo Mobile'), or if your district has issued a hotspot for your use, Please click HERE. If you cannot find the information you require in this location or need additional assistance, please submit a support ticket to the Oakland Schools Service Desk via the links at the very bottom of the page.




Thank you for visiting the Oakland Schools Customer Knowledge Base.

If you've landed here with the intention of submitting a support ticket for assistance, you may do so by following the links below for the Oakland Schools Service Desk system.

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